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We give things a heart

We make artificial intelligence and cognitive science coexist. For example, we can provide empathy to any object that can integrate algorithms.
Some examples: a car, a bus, a plane.
But also: a lectern, a mirror, glasses...
It's not science fiction - we're actually developing these objects! We work with prestigious companies, leaders in their fields...

A simple concept!

  1. Like human beings, we record the information we perceive. Instead of using our 5 senses, we use a camera and/or a microphone.
  2. We analyze the data collected with our technology (artificial intelligence x cognitive science).
  3. We produce our analysis in real time.

It couldn't be simpler, and it works perfectly!

Our approach to behavior analysis

  1. Human beings are complex!
  2. He expresses emotions on his face. But also when he talks, when he moves... And it doesn't just express emotions. It's "multimodal"...
  3. Using a simple camera and microphone, we capture user behavior.
  4. We use cognitive sciences: psychology, neuroscience, sociology, linguistics, anthropology and philosophy. They enable us to understand human behavior.
  5. Our technology uses cognitive science methods to interpret human behavior in volatile memory.
  6. Then our technology launches its own analysis, in real time. Our statistical model even enables us to make short- and medium-term predictions.

So let's move on...

Cognitive Sciences