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"Nothing is permanent except change" - Heraclitus of Ephesus
(6th century BC)

We are ephemeral

And this is perhaps the most beautiful thing in the human race, because it feeds our will to surpass ourselves. To go beyond ourselves to leave a trace: in a clay tablet like Heraclitus of Ephesus, in books, in files... And tomorrow?

Straight ahead!

We build our humanity on the history of our fellow human beings.

But we are also evolving. We are probably the only animal on Earth to transmit our collective memory and evolution.

Every innovation has a weight, a meaning, a potential.

What we do with it is up to us...

So let's move on...

The Concept


From data collected
(from different sources: video + audio recordings or streams, as well as documents),


our platform allows for unprecedented multimodal processing of human behaviour (4 recognition modes: facial, vocal, semantic; tomorrow, we will process gestures),


to retranscribe these acquired data into a factorial algorithm (multi-criteria), within a reporting tool representing this multiple reality.

Cognitive Sciences