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Driver behavior analysis: your vehicle assists you, without watching you!

Car drivers, bus drivers, airplane pilots...

  • For cars :

We record 200 behavioral data per 1/2 second to analyze driver behavior in real time (0.3 seconds to warn the driver of fatigue, exhaustion, discomfort, stress, etc.).

- Fatigue: the car may beep to wake you up.

- Exhaustion: the car can beep to wake us up and let us know that there will be a place to rest in 2 km.

- Illness: the car can activate the "park assist" function to avoid an accident. At the same time, it can alert the emergency services.

Our partnership with Software République (notably Groupe Renault and STMicroelectronics) has enabled us to integrate our technology into the H1st Vision (Human First Vision) concept car.

The H1st Vision is based on the new Scénic, unveiled at the Munich IAA in September 2023.

So our technology is the only multimodal technology that has already been integrated into a "real" vehicle.

Our car technology does not communicate with the Internet. The data is trapped inside the car to guarantee 100% personal use of the driver's data. No one can access it, not even us! 

Our product can be integrated into production vehicles, as it is offered at a very low cost: €32.50 for over 100,000 units / year. That's 50 to 100 times cheaper than the competition (which doesn't use cognitive science).

  • For buses :

The work done on the H1st Vision concept car is transferable to buses and coaches.

All you need is a camera and microphone to understand the driver's behavior.

Anonymity must be absolutely guaranteed, because unlike the car, where the user owns the equipment, the driver is an employee of the transport company that owns the equipment.

Our system guarantees driver anonymity. The aim is to identify at-risk areas to better manage any difficulties that drivers may encounter.

Several exchanges are already underway with operators.

  • For aircraft :

The work done for the H1st Vision concept car is also portable to airliners.

A few adjustments will nevertheless be necessary. 

We're currently talking to a number of major companies specializing in the sector, both OEMs and suppliers.

"The Magic Mirror

This project is still in development, and we're looking for partners (customers or subcontractors) to help us make it a reality!

The magic mirror reflects your face just like a normal mirror.

But it also interprets your behavior. With empathy and kindness.

Thanks to generative AI, it will be able to chat with you and show you what you've asked it to do. It will do so with empathy and kindness.

It's Snow White's real magic mirror!

Stern Tech - Magic mirror