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IV - Use cases

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Predicting the impact of decisions 

... A few non-limiting examples!

  • Effectiveness of your cyber security policy :

We have a repository of more than 150 checkpoints to assess cybersecurity vulnerabilities in your company

Nevertheless, these quantitative (but also qualitative) checkpoints must all be respected, with different degrees of maturity, if you want to respect your budget

Our technology allows us to go beyond the quantitative points that can be reliably measured by any cybersecurity expert. We enable you to evaluate the qualitative reactions of all your employees, so that you can be sure that your recommendations are effective in the real world (you don't use your son's first name, which is easily found on social networks, as a password; you always connect via the company's VPN when you are teleworking and not via your family box with a poorly secured wifi; you don't throw confidential documents that you think are obsolete into your dustbin; etc.). A few minutes will be enough to survey 100% of your population. The impossible becomes possible!

  • Consequences of your CSR policy

One of the main objectives of the CSR policy is to increase the satisfaction of your employees, customers, suppliers, partners and even shareholders

Our technology predicts their level of satisfaction with a particular CSR decision you might make

We simulate the impacts of your potential (future) decisions within our statistical model to help you choose your path, with full knowledge of the facts

  • Other examples include:

- Analysis of the a priori effectiveness of advertising campaigns
- Analysis of information published on social networks
- Analysis of specific working methods
- etc...

Your issues will be our next use cases

Do not hesitate to submit them to us!

Last but not least: #Medtech

We will be able to assess the emotional coherence andpsychological health of individuals connected to any terminal equipped with a webcam + microphone (computer, tablet, smartphone)

Thus, we will be able to analyse and transmit to health professionals these variations over time, which are known to be at the origin ofanxiety disorders, burnout, or other depressions, mania or bipolar disorders. We will be able to anticipate dependency disorders, when they are the consequence of a late diagnosis of the above-mentioned diseases.

We will finally be able to determine the level of attention or interest of patients with communication disorders (autism, head trauma, etc.) in order to adapt their rehabilitation!

In partnership with other #medtech specialised in remote diagnosis (connected EEG, connected ECG...), we will be able to help them detect several specific diseases in a preventive way, by providing them with our behavioural analyses.