AI meeting assistant

Ai meeting assistant

Conversation intelligence

Cognitive analysis

AI Meeting Assistant

The cut-edge Cognitive-ai enhanced meeting assistant to help you streamline your meetings and boost your team's communication and collaboration.

Auto generate transcription

AI-powered transcription service will generate a transcript supporting multiple languages and send it to your email for easy review and sharing.

Auto generate transcription

Meeting Summary

The transcript includes a AI-generated meeting summary, list of topics, action items, and key questions, allowing  to quickly reviewing or taking further actions.

Conversation Intelligence

Empower yourself with actionable insights to become a more proficient communicator. Delve into real-time analysis of your speech skill and emotion during meetings, refining your communication skills to boost clarity, inclusivity, and overall impact in all interactions

Real-Time Speaker Coaching

Real-time Analysis of Speakers’ Age, Gender, Engagement, and Mood. Empower Team Leaders/seminar host to monitor member status and foster inclusive, efficient, and balanced meetings.

Speaker Identification

Our speaker monitor maintains a balanced and harmonious meeting environment by tracking speakers’  sociodemographic metrics (age, gender, localization…) in real-time.

Real-time Mood Monitor

 Track speakers’ emotions in real-time to foster a peaceful, harmonious meeting environment, enhancing efficiency and promoting collaboration.

Cognitive Analysis

Cut-edge 30-model cognitive analysis can track and analyze participants' motions, engagement levels, as well as short and long-term motivation.

Cognitive Analysis

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