Automotive DMS Solution

Next-gen DMS solution based on cognitive science, AI, and complex math models. Multi model analysis to elevate precision and enhance driving experience

Product functions

Distraction detection

During driving, when the driver is distracted, such as looking for things, chatting back, etc., the system alarm prompt will be triggered.

Driver’s emotional analysis

Stern Tech DMS analyzes driver emotions (e.g., anger, sadness,
happiness). The car’s intelligent system responds by adjusting music, lights, or opening windows accordingly.

Fatigue detection

Stern Tech DMS can analyse the driver’s face, eyes, posture and other detailed features to help accurately identify whether there is fatigue driving.

Driving DMS 1 (1)

Product features

A comprehensive and in-depth analysis of human behavior.

Four recognition modes include facial, vocal, semantic, and gestural patterns.

Technology integrating data from artificial intelligence, psychology, neurosciences, linguistics, anthropology and sociology.

Efficient operations: Minimal energy usage with rapid calculation speeds.

Data privacy in the design. We do not store any original data on our systems; we only retain the statistics we generate in a segmented and anonymous manner.

Our services


Manufacturing Solution

Embedded software that provides OEMs and Tier1s with driver monitoring and Interior sensing for deployment in new car models.

Existing DMS enhancement

Apply to existing DMS both for hardware and software, suitable for automotive cockpit producers aftermarket, and small volume OEM manufacturers.

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