Our solutions

For business

Get automated transcripts, meeting notes, and summaries with action items.

For education

Empower Student Success with AI-Driven Support.

For sales

Elevate your sales with Stern tech cognitive analysis.

For Business

With Stern Tech Meeting, you can focus entirely on the discussion without worrying about taking notes. The transcript includes a meeting summary, list of topics, action items, and key questions, allowing you to quickly revisit important points or share them with your team or clients.

Become a better communicator

Team leaders can view speakers’ mood, age, and gender in real-time during meetings to ensure a balanced participation and create an inclusive and harmonious team collaboration environment.

AI-powered Transcription

After your meeting, our AI-powered transcription service will generate a transcript supporting multiple languages and send it to your email for easy review and sharing.

For Education

Access Context Instantly with Automated lecture transcription:

Stern Tech Meeting seamlessly transcribes lectures in real-time, enabling students to immerse themselves fully in the lessons. The summary with key Q&Q, list of actions  are automatically integrated into the notes, providing students with a comprehensive recall of details and complete context.

Enhance Learning with Cognitive Analysis:

Our four-model cognitive analysis equips faculty to monitor student engagement levels and pinpoint areas of interest. This valuable insight allows for the enhancement of lesson quality and fosters more efficient interactions between faculty and students.

For Sales

Elevate Your Communication Abilities: 

Empower yourself with actionable insights to become a more proficient communicator. Delve into real-time analysis of your speech pace and emotional delivery during meetings, refining your communication skills to boost clarity, inclusivity, and overall impact in all interactions. 

Gain Deeper Client Insights: 

Leverage the power of Stern Tech’s comprehensive cognitive analysis to gain a deeper understanding of your clients. Uncover their motivations and engagement levels through our cut-edge four-model analysis, providing invaluable insights into both short-term objectives and long-term aspirations. 



€x /user/mo

  • Always Free Basic AI Meeting Assistant
  • Limited Transcription & Summary
  • List of actions
  • List of Q& A
  • Limited AI-generated Notes



  • Billed Annually Limited AI Meeting Assistant
  • Everything in Basic
  • Limited Transcription
  • Advanced AI-generated Notes
  • Limited real-time speaker monitor


€x /user/mo

  • Billed Annually
  • Unlimited Speakers intelligence AI
  • Conversation and Revenue Intelligence
  • Everything in basic
  • Conversation & Usage Insights

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